Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Today was Gamma's four month check-up. Dude weighs 15lbs 3oz. My best friend's daughter weighed that at a year old. Boob milk works! Go Gamma!

I read that doctors are now suggesting holding off on starting solids until 6 months. I asked my pediatrician and she gave me the go-ahead to start solids now! I wont really be able to right away because tomorrow we are headed to the Arizona to visit family. My mom is gonna meet Gamma! I am like so excited! EEEE!

With Lily I made my own baby food. They add preservatives and stuff to the canned stuff and she never liked it anyway. I would just steam veggies for everyone for dinner and throw some in the food processor and feed it to her. It wasn't hard or time consuming. Plus she is a healthy eater now. Yay food.

Anyway, I'll be sending pics of our road trip to the flickr, so stay tuned. Mwahahaha!

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Andrea said...

Have a good and safe trip!!