Monday, June 01, 2009


Ever since Eric turned 6, I had been letting him ride his scooter in the street in front of our house. Unsupervised. I thought as long as he checked in every 10 minutes he'd be fine. I was wrong.

On Saturday I went out to tell Eric it was time to come in for the day. He was at the end of our street with several other children. An adult walks over to me and says, "Is this your son ma'am?" I nod and ask Eric to hold lily's hand so she doesnt run off. The man says, "I don't want him around my kids any more, he was taking his clothes off, and hiding behind my wife's car." I was in shock. Eric has often been inappropriate in public, and I usually just talk to him and tell him that it's not okay. I was just amazed that this guy "didn't want him around his kids." I was extremely angry.

I am doing everything I can to change Eric's behavior. But he's only six. I don't know why he likes to take his clothes off in public. I never do that. I have told him repeatedly that, it's not okay to do that. He goes out of his way to get attention from everyone around him.

I don't know why it's so hard to get help with my child, I have called every child psychologist on my insurance in the area. Not one ever called me back. My pediatrician tells me to "just keep calling." the school counsilor says the same thing. After a few weeks of calling every day without any return calls, I gave up. I have two other children to worry about.

The thing that bothers me is how no one is accepting of Eric. Instead of telling me about his behavior and offering ideas to help me, my first play group kicked me out and called CPS on me. Then this man down the road just doesn't want Eric around. It just seems cruel.

I don't know what else to say. I'm trying my best.


Andrea said...

My little sister used to take her clothes off in public all the time. When she was about 3-5 it was really bad, she'd run all over the neighborhood and even do it in stores if we didn't watch her closely. It was a little better when she was 6, but I clearly remember her running around in our yard naked at that age, I would get so embarrassed when my friends came over. lol She outgrew it soon after that, I'm sure Eric will too! :-)

Valeta said...

I hope so! He's just being silly. I dont know why the people out here make a big deal about it. It's pretty normal behavior for a small child.

Mount Belly Mama said...

*I* used to be like your son. In fact, both my parents love to tell everyone and remind me of how I used to run naked through the streets and they'd be chasing after me with clothes in their hands. I actually remember all this. lol. But then overnight, I went from loving being naked to being a total prude. I wouldn't even let my mom see me naked anymore. I did a complete 360.

What's odd is I remember the moment I did the flip. I walked into my parents room one night and my dad was on the toilet (doing number 2). I never really gave much thought to him being on the toilet before, but that night he yelled at me "get out of here! I am using the bathroom!" He completely claimed his privacy in a very loud and authorative tone. It actually scared me and I went running into my room. That was when I kind of learned "oh, we're SUPPOSED to be private." End of naked days for me.

Weird how we remember stuff like that... But I think I needed something to shock me enough.

Don't worry, this too shall pass. I promise. This won't be happening forever.