Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My trip to Phoenix was exactly what I needed. But then I decided to bring home a 4 week old puppy. Having a 4 week old puppy is just like having a 4 week old human baby. Except they poop on the floor. And there cry is more annoying.

I spent time with my Grandma, my mom, my brother and my best friend. I love them all. I am worried about my mom.

I drove through the town I grew up in. I think its a good idea to reconnect to your roots. Even if your roots are scary. I went to the projects I lived in when I was 9-11. The person who lives in the one I lived in has the dish network. We couldn't afford cable or anything when I was little. Why are they living in the projects if they can afford satellite? Or why are they wasting money they could be spending to live in a safer neighborhood on that? Or am I being a judgmental jerk?

Most of the houses I lived in were still the same as when I lived in them. I was scared to stop my car at most of them. I am glad my kids don't have to grow up there. I am glad I went back and got some perspective.

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