Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gamma at 4 months

Tomorrow, June 17th, my Gamma will be four months old. Has it really been four months since he was born? It doesn't feel like it.

At four months he can roll from his tummy onto his back. He can scoot around in a circle. He has the most delicious baby thighs in the world. Perfect cheeks for gobblin'. The most adorable laugh. I could listen to that laugh all day.

He is my miracle baby. We weren't expecting him. He suprised us. But he has healed us. My life should be more chaotic now that I'm a mom of three. It is more joyful, full of laughter.

Post partum depression is a terrible thing to live through. It took my Gamma to lift the hazy clouds so I could see the light.

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