Thursday, May 14, 2009

Three months of being a Mom of three.

The transition from one to two was A LOT harder then two to three. Maybe it was the post-partum depression, or the lack of paternity leave for my husband. But these past three months have been blissful compared to what I expected.

With the other two, I let them sleep when they wanted to for the first year. But with a kindergartener who had to be dropped off and picked up every day, I had to have Gamma on a schedule. The first month, I woke him up every two hours to eat during the day. I think this helped a lot. I used to think waking up a baby was mean. But he sleeps longer at night then Lily did at his age. I also have them napping at the same time during the day.

I feel like life just gets better and better everyday.

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Mount Belly Mama said...

I would imagine by the time you get to your third one, you are pretty much a pro - or close to it. Also, I think the younger children are a bit more adaptable (or it's us that is).