Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Adventures in Valetaville.

The past two weeks have been an adventure, for sure. Last Wednesday I woke up with a stomach flu. I could not keep anything down. This spells disaster for a 102 lb nursing mother. I was dehydrated and was given an IV at urgent care. Yay fun. Then on Friday Lily was sick with the same thing. Poor tiny girl.

And as if barf everywhere wasn't awesome enough, on Saturday, I go out to the garage to do some laundry (gone are the days when I could do laundry once a week) and the whole garage is flooded. The garage. Which is also the playroom. And where every book And DVD we own were being kept. The water heater was rusted through and needed to be replaced. And I'm pretty sure it ruined my Twilight books.

Sunday we had to wait most of the day for the plummer. It just do happens Husband also scheduled an appointment with a realtor to go view some houses on Sunday. As it got near the time we had planned to leave and the plummer was not done, Husband actually suggested that I go ALONE with all three kids to look at houses. And I said something like if you ever want to have sex again we can just pretend you didn't suggest that. But the plummer was very efficient and we all made it on time.

Gamma is waking up so I have to go, but my adventures weren't over yet on Sunday. Oh no! Husband and I now have a game called "guess which kid is barfing today." and in this game no one wins.

Part 2 coming soon.

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