Thursday, May 07, 2009

So on Sunday we go see a few houses. I think everyone is all better. Haha, I thought wrong. We come home and Eric throws up while brushing his teeth. I give him pedialyte and love and put him to bed. Lily and Gamma go to bed at 10pm. I go to bed an hour later.

Next thing I know it's 6 am. Gamma slept through the night? Is this a dream? I check on the older kids and Eric had climbed into Lily's toddler bed and was sleeping with his arms around her. Awww. I go check on Gamma, he is sleeping peacefully. My boobs are killing me so I change his diaper, wake him up and feed him. When I put him on my shoulder to burp, he barfs all over me.

So I change both of us. He barfs on us again. An hour later I try to nurse him again. He barfs. And it was like that all morning. I call the pediatrician when they open and they suggest only giving pedialyte in small amounts until he can be seen.

I ask Eric why he climbed in Lily's bed. He says "because I threw up in mine." My poor guy, he must have gotten sick in the middle of the night. I check his bed and sure enough, half digested spaghetti all over his batman sheets. I throw those in the washer with lots of oxy-clean.

I pack snacks and colors for the older kids and we head to the doctor at 1:30. Gamma is 10 weeks old and hasn't kept down any fluids all day. The doctor sends us to the ER. Where gamma barfs on every change of clothes I had in the diaper bag. When we are finally seen, Gamma is wearing one of Lily's shirts. Heh. Being a mom is all about doing whatever works, right?

He was given IV fluids. Let me tell you, I could not watch them put an IV in my new baby. I cried. And he kept down a little pedialyte so they send us home. So all night we give him tiny amounts of pedialyte. It is the next day before I can nurse him.

He is doing much better now. The weird thing about whatever we all had was that there was no fever or anything. Just a lot of barf.

He's waking up again. :)

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Andrea said...

How terrible! *HUG* I'm so glad everyone is feeling better now, especially little Gamma!