Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yesterday was a really really hot day. For Milpitas, anyway. Around 5 pm, both babies were crying and just miserable so I decided to run to safeway to get some air conditioning. Afterwards, just after Husband put Lily in her carseat, as I was putting Gamma in his, Lily puked all over herself. Then all over her carseat. Husband grabs a baby wipe and starts wiping. I laugh at him. Like babywipes can clean up that mess. There were banana chunks, grape chunks and partially digested milk all over. Ewwww. Sorry if that is too much of a discription of her vomit. 

So I drove home as fast as I (safely) could. And gave her a bath while Husband hosed off the carseat. I got her all dressed in pajamas. And she barfed all over those pajamas. Then all over the kitchen floor. Then the couch. Then the rug in the living room. Finally she was done. And she was pissed. She cried and cried. We hugged and hugged her. I gave her some water and she fell asleep. 

Poor baby didn't have a temperature or anything so it must have been the heat and the milk I gave her. Duh Valeta, no milk when its really hot. But I didn't think of that when my sweet girl looked up at me with her big brown eyes and said "Nilk! Nilk!" Next time, I will remember.  Heh.


Andrea said...

Poor Lily! I hope she is feeling better now.

Valeta said...

She is. She woke up the next day feeling fine. :D

Super Blogger Girl! said...

omg that sounds like a gross adventure, YAY PUKE!