Monday, April 13, 2009

Today my first baby turns six years old. This morning I made him blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Then we played Uno three times before school. 

He is wild, crazy and sometimes frustrating. But he is also sweet, thoughtful and loves his siblings more every day. I love him the way he is and I am so glad I get to be his Mommy. It feels like just yesterday I was changing his first diaper and getting peed on. Yesterday he gave me a piece of paper that said "I luv u Mom." 

Here is the story of his baby shower. Here is his birth story. Here is sweet post I wrote to him. I couldn't really say it any better then I did in 2006. I heart him. He made me a mommy and I hope he has a great sixth birthday.


Darcie said...

Happy Birthday Eric!

Super Blogger Girl! said...

Happy sixth birthday Eric!!!

Andrea said...

Happy birthday, Eric!