Friday, April 24, 2009

Eric found some graph paper and safety pins in my craft drawer and decided to create a book. He put the safety pins through the holes in the graph paper to hold it together. Then on what would normally be the back cover of a book wrote, "Eric's inportent buk." Then he numbered the pages 1-7. On the first page it has a drawing of 5 stick people, including a stick baby being held by a stick mommy. On this page he wrote, "We R trabelin." On the next page it has a little school house and 4 stick kids. On the very last page he wrote,"The end."

He did all of this on his own. He is not allowed in my craft drawer, but how could I be anything but proud of how creative he is? He created a little book all on his own. Before he started school he had no interest in crafts. I love them and it was always a chore to get him to participate in them. Now I find him making things like his book on his own and I love it. I hugged him, kissed his forehead and told him how awesome he is. He is a great little boy.

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