Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three years ago March 29th was a rainy day. I woke up excited. It had the same kind of feeling that Christmas morning has. Though I wasn't expecting any presents. It was the day I would marry Husbandface

He woke up and went to work. I woke up and stared out the window. It just so happens that the same month we got married was the same month it rained every day except for two.  Being from Phoenix, Arizona, I hated the rain. But this day I had a reason to smile. So I said "screw you rain" and spent an hour curling my hair. It fell flat. Rain does that to my hair. I ended up getting married in a simple pony tail. 

Our appointment to get married in Downtown San Jose was at 3:30. Husband came home around 2:30. Then he decided to eat. It was 3:15 when I said, "Do you still want to marry me or what?" He didn't realize how late it was. So we rushed over to the courthouse. When we finally found parking we RAN and barely made our appointment. I had to run in wedges. In the rain. It was so not awesome. 

We were married by a judge in a blue judgy-dress thing. Husband called her a smurf once we saw the pictures of us getting married. It was just us. We had to pay someone $10 to be our witness. We said simple vows that neither of us can remember. But we were married. It was great. I was Mrs. Brown. 

We drove around after we were married trying to figure out what to do. We should celebrate! It was a Wednesday. None of the movies playing that day were good enough for my wedding day. We sat in the parking lot of the AMC and called all our families. We were just so excited. 

I had made reservations at a small italian restaurant for dinner. We ate there and the tables were so close together we could hear everything our neighbors were talking about. We ate in mostly silence. Sipping wine and just smiling at each other. 

After dinner went to Safeway and bought a bottle of champagne and a cake. Husband told me he liked chocolate cake. So I picked out a chocolate cake hoping to please him. Turns out he doesn't even like cake at all. I do not like chocolate cake. So we had a tiny cake on our wedding day that neither of us would eat. We drank way too much and got insanely drunk. 

Today I have been married for three years. Today I look at our life and am happy. 

Happy Anniversary Husbandface. I love you. 


Andrea said...

Happy anniversary! I'm so excited for you... celebrating your 3rd anniversary with a new beautiful baby! I love your wedding story. :-) I got married on an icky rainy day too. Except it was the only day of the whole month to be rainy and cold, figures! lol

Darcie said...

Happy anniversary!

The Happy Housewife said...

Happy Anniversary (a day late) sounds like you had a fun, but nontraditional wedding day! We did something similar, but I actually like cake, lol!