Thursday, March 19, 2009

Everyone (except me) is asleep. Husband and Lily are cuddled on the couch. Somehow Eric fell asleep on a chair at the dining table. Gamma is in his crib. Life is good.

Lately I sit here and I think, how did I get here? Three kids? Married? Wow. Me. Is this my life? On the 29th Husband and I will have been married for three years. On April 13th my first baby turns 6. Six years old. Six years ago I was an 18 year old who was hugely pregnant and scared shitless. I don't feel any older. How was that six years ago?

Husband and I have nothing planned for our anniversary. We have a newborn. We have no family in the area to babysit. This is just our life right now.

Our life is deliciously simple and awesome.


Super Blogger Girl! said...

Get husband to make you dinner, maybe have shrimp tacos, dont you guys love those?!?

Valeta said...

I lurve shrimp.