Friday, February 27, 2009

So, the jealously has begun. Before Gamma was born, Husband was Lily's favorite. If he was home she followed him around. She ran to him when she was hurt. She was a daddy's girl. Now that I have brought home a new person she has to share me with she prefers me. She wakes up and says, "Mama?" She cries, "noooo!" when I sit down to nurse.

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk, one handed typing, nursing, drinking coffee. Lily was fed and changed. But she wanted my attention. So she came over to me and hit Gamma on the head. (thankfully he slept through it.) We have never hit her so I have no idea where this is coming from. Then later on in the afternoon Gamma was sleeping in his bouncer and she went over and hit his legs. 

I knew she would be jealous. She is only 18 months old, after all. So whenever Gamma is napping I play with her or involve her in whatever I am doing. She loves to help put away the dishes. She hands me one dish at a time. It takes forever to put them away, but Lily enjoys it. When he is nursing I talk to her. 

Since this is my last baby, and my third, I'm not letting the little things that normally would make me cry bother me. I honestly have never been happier.  

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

Poor Lilly, she is no longer the baby!!! I am glad your happy, HUGS!