Saturday, February 21, 2009

On Monday February 16th we took our kids to my awesome friend J's house around 7:30p.m. They were excited but managed to go to sleep at a decent hour. They would be spending the night and next day with J while I went for my induction. After weeks and weeks of contractions doing nothing my midwife suggested induction and I totally agreed.

Around 10:30 p.m. I called the hospital to make sure they had room for me. They did and we showed up right on time at 11:30 p.m. Like every night I was having contractions, they were annoying but my cervix was still only a fingertip dilated and 80% effaced. They started my induction by placing a pill just inside my cervix to make it ripen. A few hours later, my contractions had picked up but my cervix had made no change. My contractions were too strong to have another dose of the cervix ripening medication so they started pitocin. That was the same thing that happened at Lily's birth.

The pitocin made the contractions become closer together and more severe. I knew once they started pitocin I would end up getting an epidural. Same thing happened when I had Lily. So I'll never have an "all natural" childbirth. I'm okay with that this time. After I had Lily I was extremely disappointed in myself. 

So after hours and hours of labor my cervix still had done nothing. My midwife said there was still a lot of scar tissue on it because of a procedure I had in 2004 to freeze some precancerous cells off of it. My midwife massaged my cervix to try to break up the scar tissue. It hurt. A lot. Contractions kept coming. They hurt. A lot. So I finally got my epidural.

Then my water broke. It was wet and gross. But it was progress! At noon midwife tried massaging my cervix again and it broke up and I dilated to 6 during one contraction. Over the next 4 hours I slowly dilated to 9. while I was at 8 and 9 I felt and intense urge to push. The epidural I had wasn't like the ones I have had previously. I was numb but I could still feel all the pressure. My nurses kept asking me not to push but I couldn't really help it. 

Suddenly during one contraction It felt like my butt was going to explode. I started yelling "I have to push! I have to push!" Just like the women on T.V. Heh. After that it all went very very fast. My midwife got there as fast as she could. She helped my cervix open to 10 and I started pushing. I pushed when they told me to as hard as I could. Husband was great and held my leg and kept telling me to push. 

Gamma's head started to emerge but his hand was near his face. He had tried to come out arm first. They had to reach inside me and move his arm. I pushed for a total of 4 contractions and he was out. At 4:23 P.M. on his due date, February 17th 2009. He had his cord wrapped around his neck (just like Lily) and his arm. They laid him on my tummy. He was purple and not crying. What seemed like a million nurses and doctors rushed in and rubbed him and suctioned him and soon he started to cry and turn pink. 

I cried. A doctor from the NICU came by and checked him and told me he was fine. He just had a rough start. He has no damage to his shoulder either. He was 7lbs 12 oz. 20 inches long. 

Soon I got to hold him and he latched right on my breast perfectly, unlike my other two babies. I am so happy. After I had Lily I felt like I was in the dark and It took me a while to like her. This time I feel bright and shiney. I am exhausted (of course) but we are all happy. 


Super Blogger Girl! said...

That is awesome, you did a great job and I am so proud of you, Kevin and gamma!!!

The Wife said...

Congrats! He's just the cutest!

Elena said...

That friend of yours, J, sounds AWESOME!!! heehee

see you soon and congrats again

Super Blogger Girl! said...

omg the baby in your ticker are gone.

Valeta said...

J is really awesome. Her and Eric made delicious cookies that I cannot stop eating in the middle of the night.