Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last year for Valentine's day I got husband a silly crochet heart for his desk. This year I got the kids little gift bags. New pencils and a notebook for Eric and a silly cone shaped purse for Lily. I got husband a card and wrote cheesy lovey dovey stuff in it, but I was hoping I would have a newborn baby to hand to him and say "Here is your Valentine!" Heh. It doesn't really look like I will get to do that. So no gift for him. Holidays aren't really a big deal to him, he doesn't really care. He never gets me anything. I love holidays and I always try to at least make them special for the kids.

Eric made a Valentine's day card for me at school and it is the best Valentine I have ever gotten! Heh.  It says, "Happy VALentine's Day! I lov You! Lov Eric!" I especially love every exclamation point. He gave it to me today after school and I melted all over the dining room floor. 

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Super Blogger Girl! said...

awww, eric is a good mamma's boy!