Friday, January 09, 2009

Yay. New baby's car seat has been delivered. We have our big truck. All his clothes/blankets are washed. I found my slings. My boobs are leaky and obviously ready to nurse another baby. 

Today I have been cleaning up a storm. 

Now we just need new baby to grace us with his precious presence. Which could be like up to 8 weeks. Heh

I guess we'll just see.

Congrats to Jen on her new baby boy! I wish she would update her blog already and show a picture or two! :D


Super Blogger Girl! said...

sorry, no one told me having a baby with no drugs and at home means that afterward you can hardly walk lol!

pictures are up and soon you'll be begging me to stop posting them.

I hope you baby comes soon, just not too soon.

Valeta said...

You poor thing. Sorry I was bugging you so much. I didn't know your labor was so long!

Diego is perfect! You wont hurt forever. Soon you'll be up and playing with him. :D