Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today I am full term. The baby can come any time he wants now. Apparently he is like his daddy and likes to play jokes on me. But since I have been pregnant a few times, I know he cannot stay in there forever. 

And soon enough we will not get any sleep and have a jealous little 18 month old. I am not really looking forward to sibling rivalry. Eric was 4 when Lily was born so his jealousy was a lot different then I expect Lily's to be. I realize things probably wont be exactly like I expect. But she is still a baby and wont know what is going on. I can only imagine what she will be thinking. ("Who is this tiny crying person that gets all the attention now? Why is he always attached to mommy? Why is daddy doing all the things mommy used to?")

Eric knows what to expect. I have talked to him many times about the new baby. He remembers what it was like when Lily was born. He is excited to have a brother.

I've been having contractions since 4:30 a.m. but they aren't very regular, they go between 10 to 5 minutes apart. I'm annoyed with keeping track of them now. They will hurt A LOT more when it is active labor anyway.  I am going to try to nap with Lily while Eric is at school. 


Andrea said...

Hopefully Lily won't be too jealous. It will be interesting to see though. :-) I'm 18 months older than my brother and we didn't have too much jealousy/rivalry/fighting going on (until I turned 11, then we fought all the time). We were best friends for the most part and shared everything. The problem was that we played together a little too well, we were double trouble. My poor mom! I'm glad you have Eric around to help out though, he's such a good big brother!

Valeta said...

I hope they can be best friends. Eric and Lily already are. But they fight too. He doesn't like it when she plays with his toys and he will take them away from her if we are not watching. Heh.

I can't wait to have the new baby.