Friday, January 23, 2009

I (mostly) use cloth diapers. I always get a lot of questions about them because they just aren't the main-stream thing anymore. Husband has told me he gets lots of questions about them at work too. At first he was against the cloth diapers. He thought they were too much of a hassle, and not really much of a savings. Ever since we started using all-in-ones he has changed his mind and prefers the cloth over disposables. I use disposables if we are going to be out of the house for a long period of time and over night. I never ask babysitters to use cloth because none of them are comfortable with them. I'm okay with that.

When Eric was a baby my grandma had given me a huge bag of cloth diapers and I kept them around the house "just in case". From the time he was five months until he was around two I used them whenever we were at home. I loved them. I wish I knew what kind they were, I have never seen any like the kind I had back then. Grandma got them at a yard sale so she doesn't even know, Then I moved in with someone who didn't want me to wash my diapers in her washer so I went back to disposables. 

When I was pregnant with Lily I knew I wanted to use cloth. I just wasn't sure about what kind because the only experience I had with cloth were the ones my grandma picked out. At first we tried prefolds with covers. These are the cheapest cloth diapers and the most complicated. I would not suggest them to anyone. Husband never liked using them. I spent like $200 total for Lily's first 4 months or so of diapers. If we were using disposables we probably would have spent twice that. When she got a little bigger I realized I hated the prefolds too. So then I got all-in-ones. Just a few weeks ago I got Lily some fuzzi bunz. I am loving them. They are so soft on the inside. I found them on clearance and spent $90 for 10.  I have realized I love cloth diapering, as long as they are all-in-ones. The prefolds were just so complicated I would get all stressed out over a simple diaper change. Plus Lily learned quickly how to take them off. I plan on keeping them around "just in case" anyway. 

I wash her diapers 3 times a week. I will have to wash them more when I have the new baby, probably every other day. It hasn't caused a dramatic rise in our water bill so I have saved a lot of money using the cloth. Cloth isn't for everyone, I don't think many daycare centers accept them. But I like them, they work for us. Just my two cents. Heh.

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